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I feel very rejuvenated and spirited after practicing yoga with Sir. Attending the IYTTC with UYLS was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel confident about myself and way more energetic than before. I have also become disciplinary person and it is also proving to be good for my kids and family. I would like to thank Sir from the bottom of my heart to change the course of my life completely and giving it a new positive direction. 

Renu Jhalani, 12th batch 1-15 April 2014,

The Yoga Life Society is my Yogashala & family and I am proud to be an alumni of the respected centre. After a vehicle accident I almost lost hope of coming back to life but the miracle happened by meeting Punditji ( Pt. Radheshyam Mishra ji). His encouragement, guidance motivated me to gain my confidence, Yoga gave me my life back! It was new birth for me! As soon as I finished my IYTTC job offers were poured into me! I flied to Vietnam and got an awesome job where am peacefully settled today with blessings of Punditji and Ujjain Yoga Life Society. Today I teach yoga to 100s of people in Vietnam everyday, making their life as blissful and worth living as mine. 
Ibrahim Shariff, Yoga Trainier, Vietnam, 4th Batch December 2011

Comparing, competing, complaints, judgements, fear, guilt, I started my Yoga journey with all these things and after entering the Yoga it turned into let go of all of the above. When I finished my first IYTTC, my believe of being a different person in yog became stronger day by day. It changed the around me, they all became my well wishers and just because my perception towards them just become positive.Yog is that ocean in which we go deep, we definitely become a Pearl.

Kriti Chouksey, RJ & Yoga Teacher, Indore-India, 9th batch August 2013

It was a turning point in my life when I joined the first batch of Yoga learners guided by Pundit Ji on April 1, 2010. Soon after basic course I was selected by Pundit ji to transform me into a Yoga Teacher. The days of learning were amazing, the teachings opened up the parachute of my blocked mind, the guidance of my mentor started filling up my life with divine bliss and i was moving ahead from, Illness to Health, Discontentment to Contentment,  Inefficiency to Efficiency,Ignorance to Knowledge, Humanity to Divinity, Doubt to Certainty and from Nothing to Everything. All this just from YOG.
Girijesh Vyas, Former Branch Manager-State Bank of India, Theatre Artist 
15 May - 30 June 2010
I joined IYTTC from October 7th to October 22nd, 2012 with Pundit Radheshyam Mishra in Ujjain-India. After taking this course my perception of looking at day to day life was totally changed. I came to an understanding what is yogic life and how it sets me apart from the life I have been living. I didn't only learn Yoga from the physical well being, but it touched me from all three aspects of body, mind and  spirit. Punditji taught me that Yoga is not only an action but it's an art of living. With the knowledge I gained during my IYTTC, now I incorporated in my daily life and I teach the same to my students. I am happy that I can take the same message to my community here in the US and they can understand yoga in its classical sense "yoga is way of living and not a single act". 
Avneet Baid, IT Professional-MedStar Health & Yoga Trainer, USA Batch October 2012,
To be able to complete the course under the able guidance of Panditji has been a exemplary experience of training MIND BODY and SOUL to unite and rejuvenate in a holistic manner. The overall experience has been of a state complete bliss. the practical training sessions backed up by tphe theory and experience of the trained faculty quenches my thirst for an ancient wisdom winded up with modern scientific approach...KUDOS !
Individually speaking, taking the bag back to the society has helped me make the life of my family, friends,colleagues and society far better in multiple ways.I pray for the furthering the cause with my full might.

Dr. Deependra Singh, Professor- Chemistry
2nd Batch September 2010,

I am the student of 1st IYTTC batch of Ujjain Yoga Life Society. I feel it was a life changing experience under Pundit Ji's devoted guidance, we were born again as stronger and healthier people to serve the society. With completion of this course I had reduced my weight along with curing my spine issues and eating disorders. After certification, I started teaching in Yog Bhavan Ujjain since July 2010 and feel, it keeps me more energetic and refreshing every day.
Sanjay Tiwari 15 May - 30 June 2010

I started my journey in Yoga on April 1st, 2010 under the kind guidance of my guru, mentor Pundit Mishra. He came as a life changer to me as I completed my TTC and came out as a new person all together. I was a very shy-coy, homely person but this TTC gave a tremendous boost to my confidence along with generating immense belief in myself that today, I practise regular yoga teaching at Yog Bhawan Ujjain, disseminating the same teachings to my students and taking forth my guru's lineage ahead for mankind. I am so thankful to Pundit Ji for being the guiding star to me making me shine forever.  
Sangita Tiwari, Yoga Trainer, 1st Batch May 15- June 30, 2010,
For me YOGA is not just a four letter word. It is a complete life style statement. Though I have been connected with different yoga teaching institutes now and then for last five years, coming in contact with Pt. Radheshyamji Mishra has added a different dimension to my personality.His teachings are not restricted to a 2 hour classroom exercises but a 24 hour schedule, which helped me understand how multiple aspects affect our well being and how to manage them. I have found not just a Mentor but a great friend in Pt. Radheshyamji Mishra. 
Sandeep Jain, Artist & Photographer
Batch 1-15 April, 2014,
'Yoga' came in my life as self-confidence, power of expression and above all it gave me a motto for 2nd inning of my life. I am student of 3rd IYTTC batch of UYLS under the kind guidance of Pundit Radheshyam Mishra Sir, I got new vision of life and lived all aspects (like Philosophical, Spiritual,Mental, Physical and social) of Yoga .My training program is still on. Now a days I am teaching in Yoga-Bhavan Ujjain, and sharing my experiences with more and more people everyday, it gives me eternal bliss and satisfaction of serving the society.
Simmi Saxena 1 Sep - 15 Oct 2010

Yoga comes as a new lifeline to me. After doing this course in August 2013, I realised importance of yoga in life. For me it was the world best gift, thanks to my Guru Pundit ji. During this course I lost 10 kg weight, I had many gastrointestinal problems, hernia in esophagus (food pipe), I was not able to eat and live my life properly. Now I am completely cured and living a emotionally, physically & mentally healthy life, have develop a positive attitude and helping many many people through my Yoga teaching in Indore
Deepti Gami 1-30 August 2013

It was 2010 when I joined Yoga for my severe asthmatic problem and obesity. I reduced 35 Lbs and got rid off asthmatic problem too in few months. But this was not the END,rather the BEGINNING of a new life 'WITH YOG'. I joined IYTTC, studied 'Yoga philosophy' which has transformed my inner self, my life style and vision and mission of my life. The credit goes to my Yog guru who has brought me on the path of yog; opened the door to a new meaningful, peaceful and blissful yogic life; taught me the art of introspection and self-realisation; has given new dimensions to my personality; introduced me with latest technologies; inspired me to work tirelessly, consistently and persistently to reach goal of life. Now me and my family all are yoga aspirants, spreading yoga in the society and living a yogic life. 
Dr. Babita Singh, Ph D, Lecturer-Biology, 4th Batch, December 2011 

With entering in the world of yoga my life has completely changed. I got to know deeper and more meaningful perspective to live life.
IYTTC enlightened many facets of yog bringing about a noteworthy change in  my overall personality, adding umpteen positiveness to me, bringing bliss in my life. Following the footsteps of my Guru Pt. Radheshyam Mishra who  transformed me to a different and better person serving the society today, by spreading Yoga awareness to one and all I meet.

Latika Vyas, Nutritionist, 5th Batch 1-31 May 2012

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yoga Teachers Training

May also call for details - +1 732 910 8272

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Schedule and Duration

This is a Non-Residential Immersion Course running for 11 days. The group stays together from morning to evening and practices the Yog Lifestyle and Routine. Participants not only learn the aforementioned topics but also learn about meals, eating habits, relaxation, and sleep. All this happens in a disciplined environment with the objective that a similar lifestyle can be adopted in one’s daily life and routine going forward, making one’s life healthy, peaceful, and happy.

Daily Schedule

Duration (Minutes)
Wake-Up and Get Ready

Pranayaam, Bandha, Mudra, and Meditation
Kriyas and Cleansing
Refreshing & Energetic Intake (Yogic Tea with Honey & Raisins)
Yog Practices
Breakfast & Personal Time
Personal Time or One-To-One Session with Master Trainer
Practices / Sharing / Presentations
Lunch / Yog Walk / Relaxation
Personal Time
 Self-Study & Preparations
Theory Session
Yogic Tea / Fruits / Snacks
Practical Session
 Practice-Teaching & Thought-Sharing
Yog Walk
Recreation Session, Kirtan, Bhajan, Music, Sharing
Concentration Practice

Preparation for the Course

After making Course booking fees $500 a link will be shared to fill application form.  After online submission of registration form for the course, participants will receive a kit containing Books and CD/DVDs. The Institute will contact and guide the participants to prepare them for the course, texts and subjects that need to be studied, postural practices in advance.